Thursday, November 18, 2010

OK, Let's talk about Team SillyBandz

Saw this on Vurb Moto - Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda is happy to announce a new corporate sponsor to the team: SILLYBRANDZ Global.

Troy Lee Designs and SillyBrandz Global, the company that created Sillybandz, have now entered into an agreement that has Silly Brandz Global as a corporate sponsor.

"The opportunity to get involved with Robert and the staff at Silly Brandz Global is amazing. We're already working on the creative options for the TLD SillyBandz pack as well as future opportunities with more of the SillyBrandz products such as the SillySlapzWatch and RadBandz," said Troy Lee Designs' Director of marketing, Shawn Norfolk. "Silly Brandz has one of the hottest products in the mainstream market right now. Adding them as an integral part of our racing efforts brings a whole new dynamic to the team for sure."

Robert Croak, President of Silly Brandz Global had this to say; "This partnership is going to be amazing". My life has come full circle. I started out racing motocross and have continued to be an avid rider. Now, to team up with TLD/Lucas Oil/Honda is a dream come true. With over 1 million fans on Facebook all of us at Sillybrandz are excited to promote the new branded products and the upcoming season with the Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda team".

Yep, this is the real deal. The TLD guys will now have to suffer through arm pump lap after lap to showcase the 40-50 cheerful little animals or ice cream cones or whatever the fuck bands the new corporate sponsor is having them promote. I remember seeing some picture somewhere on the interweb of the founder of SillyBandz at the Motocross of Nations, so we already knew the guy was a moto fan. It should come as no surprise that this guy can afford to be the title sponsor of the team. These things hit the scene harder than Justin Bieber (hell, that kid probably owns  about 10,000 of these bitches). Listen, I support the American businessman. If you come up with an idea that winds up making you rich, then good for you! SillyBandz are in the company of ideas like the pet rock or the "Jump to Conclusions" board, these are the ideas that have kept America a superpower. That being said, I need to say something (wow, that was a weirdly redundant sentence). I try to stay at least a little bit PC on this blog, especially when it comes to the homophobic terminology. It's just not classy, ya dig? But these SillyBandz............are gay. Gay, Gay, Gay. I know several people that actually own them, like a fanny-pack for the wrist. Just terrible.

OK, but now let's get back to the original matter at hand, which is that the TLD team actually has to support the Silly movement. That is such a bummer. If I was on that team, I would be kind of bullshit. Like, you couldn't get a corporate sponsorship from Totino's or Then we would be seeing some real dividends from that relationship. But nope, SillyBandz.  I wonder if Silly is actually going to be the title sponsor of the team? What a kick in the nuts that would be; lining up to every moto listening to the announcer hold back laughter as he announces your team and name. That's rough. Hey, but there is always a shiny side to the silly situation. That rig will be SWARMED by teenage girls all day and all night. They're 14? Who gives a fuck, I know SillyBandz doesn't. Good luck Cole, Christian, and Baker. Hopefully you get the giraffe, or the rhinocerous. Chicks dig those bad larrys.

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