Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Turns Out Motocross is Really Dangerous

It's a YouTuberiffic day, isn't it? Danny Stuart (Racer X Vid contest winner and captain of the video bar at the top of the page) sent this one over, and I watched it waiting for a major accident, which unfortunately never comes. But maybe that's what makes this a great video. You are on the edge of your seat watching this crazy Euro kid look death in the face and smile, waiting for him to completely eat shit. Your tension builds and builds with this flick, and is never relieved. Sort of like Scorsese did with Shutter Island. This is a true filmmaker.

Moving on, people have always said to me "How can you race motorcycles? It's so dangerous." I usually just punch them in the face and reply "Not as dangerous as being ugly, but YOU do that." But looking at this video, maybe they are on to something. Like, there is no way that this kid will make it another year without killing himself. He is hitting something that literally doesn't even fully unload his suspension and is barely making it. I wonder if I and all you other riders are just part of an elite extension of human evolution that can actually handle a motorcycle. For the rest of you, do not ride motocross, because it actually IS extremely dangerous. Who knew?

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