Monday, February 7, 2011

When You Say Pink Supercross, I Want Pink Motherfucking Supercross!!

This is what I was seeing....

 This is what I should have been seeing...

Am I the only one who thinks that there wasn't enough pink at the race this weekend. This is cancer, people, and we are letting that pussy disease beat us everyday. If you are telling me that rocking pink will help cure cancer, I want to see nothing if not pink. If I can walk away thinking about anything but breast cancer and Barbie's dream house/car, you have not done your job, folks. Fuck your branding and all that business. I want everyone in straight pink, maybe a little white can be allowed, but I want to cure fucking cancer, bitches. Pink to the nines. Not maroon, not purple. Pink. Like the mice without the Brain. I'm talking bikes, gear, mechanics, everything. I feel like there are so many opportunities to get more people involved in cancer awareness. Maybe a new slogan? I like "Stay with the pink, not with the stink" or something like that. It would have worked perfectly with that giant butt plug/vibrator that was in the first turn. And using the old ladies is just not good for the guerilla marketing that they're doing in the pits. If you ask me, not partnering with the porn industry is just silly. Like, who loves their tits more than pornstars? And whose tits do we love more than pornstars'? It's pretty simple. Get rid of the Golden Girls and sign up the Golden Shower Girls.

And where do those privateers get off going with no pink? Yeah they can't afford it but what the fuck ever. Um, support cancer much? Fucking jerks.

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