Friday, April 8, 2011

BROment Breakdown Of The Week

Yeah, I already talked about this, but now we have the video to breakdown. I said it already that I've never seen Stewart look so sketchy on the track. Way too loosey goosey, BRO. You need to tighten up the screws. Even in the rhythm before the whoops, every lap when they were tripling over the first step on, James was throwing the back-end out to get the power to the ground, but he usually wound up looking like a C rider trying to whip - just an ugly fishtail with no hint whatsoever of bringing it back.

Of course, in the whoops, James gets some wheel spin and he was all done-gy. He got a little whiskey throttle that his 150 lb frame cannot handle at all. I've said it before that his set-up doesn't look good at all, and now I'm starting to look like a motherfucking genius. Again.

Unfortunately, Chad pays for James' incompetence in the whoops this week, which hella sucks, considering that, like I said, he saved his fucking life right here. James was half-past fucked if Chad wasn't there to run into. Funniest thing I've seen from the race at Dallas was definitely in Dirt Shark's video when Reed's agent says "James Stewart is a cunt." I don't care if that's not what he said, that's what I'm choosing to hear. Funny shit, dude. I guess they edited that cunt comment out, but trust me, it was in there.

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  1. I love how Ralph Sheheen states "Reed stands it up on the nose and does everything he can to save it...". Now I respect Chad and he sure as hell has gobs of talent, but there is no way in hell he was riding the front wheel trying to save it. More like his cornhole puckered up with a vacuum and pulled the bike up from the seat.