Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BROpocalypse Update: Stewart Out For Hangtown

From JS7.com - Everyone witnessed the way I struggled during the Supercross series this year and while I’d like to race this weekend, we just aren’t ready. I hope fans will understand.  The decision has been very hard to make, but we won’t race till we’re ready.

So I was 100% ready to start popping bottles and doing models when I saw this, because I of course assumed the decision came after James read the earlier post and thus it was a victory for me that Bubbsy takes my writing to heart that much. But alas, my jubilation will have to wait as this was posted yesterday. Quite the coincidence, though. I'm talking on how James needs to win to save the world and everything about the same time that he decides not to race. Is it too early to consider me the Nostradamus of motocross, BROstradamus?

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