Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm So On This Kid's Level For Vegas

Well maybe not exactly on his level, but you get the picture. I don't know about the 450s, but I fucking love the shoot-out. This East-West bullshit gets pretty lame, if you ask me. I'm into this new program, too. Heat races are boring as fuck, usually. Now we get three mains instead. Sign me up, player.

As far as the 450s, Villopoto probably has it locked, and even if he doesn't I don't really care. Him or Reed is fine with me. Sure, Reed needs it more, but he's already totally eclipsed my expectations of him this season, so I'm already giving him a gift basket for that. Championship just seems insignificant to a box of chocolate turtles and caramel popcorn. The 250s are what I am into right now, and typically it's that way every season, actually. Geico has a shot at shutting out PC in Supercross for the first time since 'nam. I like it, they've got a solid squad. And Ziggy's my boy. Hit me up, BRO.

Tomac pretty much came out of nowhere and now he's looking nice to win this thing, and Barcia's got it dialed to the point that he can break bones in his other appendages and still win it. Tickle's cool, but he's kind of boring. My non-existent accountant would have made fun of that kid in high school. Then he would have seen his girlfriend. Fast guys may not have everything, other than free bikes, parts, tons of money, beautiful women, fame, Twitter followers, houses, perfect tracks, money, nice cars, gear, sponsors, parties, friends, clothes, and lots of other free shit that make you hate your life.

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