Friday, October 8, 2010

Did you see Crusty's Dirt Demons?

Do yourself a favor and subject your mind to an hour of stimulating motocross content on FUEL TV that will really get you thinking and give you a little bit of a tingle down there. Wait, not really. This show is what I would call the Jersey Shore of motocross. Just a bunch of clowns that can barely ride at all doing the best they can to become the next Crusty Demon. Never mind the fact that the Crusty Demons are the biggest hacks to ever make a career out of riding a motorcycle. The "competitors" on this show seem to think that all you have to do to be a Crusty Demon is drink a shit ton of beer and wreck stuff, maybe a little bit of riding peppered in here and there. Even freestylers know now that cut fenders and short sleeved jerseys are retarded. They actually did a motocross race in this first episode, and it was downright hilarious that these guys consider themselves real dirtbike riders. I know Derek Costella actually does ride pro, so I'll give him some credit despite his incredibly "crusty" looking bike (why he thinks he is destined to be a Crusty Demon is beyond me). I know this show was actually filmed a couple of years ago, as I actually caught a couple of episodes on its original channel back in the day. But now it is on FUEL, and they are throwing some marketing dollars behind it, so I hope everyone will go out and get FUEL if you don't have it (there are actually plenty of good shows on it) and catch Crusty's Dirt Demons.

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