Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eazy's Darkhorse Pick: Toronto

 It's time again for Eazy to put his endorsement behind another rider who has shown him something on the track. God, it's difficult to keep a sentence going in the third person. Ok, moving along. The only rider who has taken this title before was Malcolm Stewart, and we all know that he has since shown the MX world that he's got factory speed all day long, and I absolutely guarantee that we see him on a ride better than something that some short Hawaiian kid could pick out of a Cracker Jack box. Well, this past weekend at J-ville I saw another rider that I knew was right for a Darkhorse Pick. Also, I started to realize that having Malcolm as the only Darkhorse could be construed as an attempt at racism, and I've addressed this before but I will say again that any racist impressions that people may get from BROtocross are purely unintentional and most likely a result of the contrasting principles that we have come to be accustomed to in contemporary society. Bitch.

But I digress. As you can tell from the pic, the second Darkhorse Pick is none other than Darryn Fucking Durham. That might actually be his middle name, but I'm not positive. Last year was pretty quiet for Darryn, and his results combined with his baker boy look were not helping his cause when it came time to set the teams for 2011; sort of the pre-2010 Josh Hansen effect. Well Durham has shown the speed this year, and, short of an injury at the first round, has been pretty impressive. He may not have lit the world on fire at Jax, but I was keeping a close eye on him and he was k-i-l-l-ing it all night. Durham was sending that triple step on in the heats like it was packaged with a cute little American flag stamp on it, which I'm pretty sure no other 250 rider was doing outside of practice. And apart from his speed, he's got that tall guy style that actually looks good. Tall guys are all pretty much a ton or none when it comes to style, and Durham is all in. Then of course, he's funny off the track, and other than that pic of his balls that for some ungodly reason showed up on Vurb Moto, he's carried himself the way more riders should; actually looking like he has fun at the races.


  1. he also has a cool nickname that comes with his initials, if you catch my drift ;)...

  2. i think the only reason you dont have a job with a major company is because of how harsh you are. Not saying i dont love it but for all the little kiddies and such it wont fly. Keep it up haha