Thursday, October 7, 2010

Introducing BROtocross

Well I decided that in my immense amount of free time I should be somewhat productive, so I bring you the Brotocross blog. I decided that there is way to much objective coverage of the moto industry and the sport in general. The mission statement with BROtocross is simple: "We are not here to make friends, this is going to be a 100% subjective take on the sport of motocross and the happenings around it." Sure, sometimes there may be no relevance to the sport in the posts, but I don't really care. Now I know that it wouldn't be fair to just give everyone my brutally honest opinion without hearing the other side of the story, especially since a lot of the info that you will read on here will be second, third, or fourth hand gossip and rumors, so just go nuts with the comments section if you have something to say. I just want everyone to know that I take broto...I mean...motocross incredibly seriously and in no way shape or form think that it is fun or safe. For all you know, I don't even ride, so why even listen in the first place.