Friday, October 15, 2010

News: Stroupe to Valli Yamaha

From - Valli 450

OK, so it looks like Valli is going to get Austin Stroupe instead of Josh Grant. I guess Stroupe had offers also from Hart and Huntington and Motoconcepts but turned them down. There were even rumors that he was just going to quit because of the offers he was getting, which were apparently next to nothing. What you need to realize, A-Town, is that you missed the entire national series and several supercross races. To expect any sort of lucrative offer is just naive, and apparently offers for even top riders are looking real slim in the number of 0s. Austin had an "injury" that kept him off the bike for a while, and it was pretty frustrating to constantly hear of his return date then to see it pushed back time and again. But, he's got a 450 ride now, and that is going to provide some excitement in that class, because if you all remember the beginning of last season, Stroupe pretty much will do anything it takes to get up front at the start of the race. Remember those motocross arcade games where you could actually punch the other riders when they got near you? If there is anyone on the track that I could see really going for that it would be Stroupe. Kid's fast and thinks he is faster than he is. Awesome combo.

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