Friday, October 15, 2010

RUMOR: Suzuki can't afford Dungey??

So like I said when I started this blog, some of the content will be based on third or even fourth hand rumors. Well since today has been relatively slow thus far, I bring you the first such post in the BROtocross world.

I recently heard that Suzuki has not paid Dungey his bonuses for several wins that he got this year. The guy has racked up more 1s than every club on the Vegas strip on a Friday night, and apparently Suzuki had some trouble signing the checks fast enough to keep up with the results. It's pretty funny actually. Like, if I'm the big boss at Suzuki (or at least the motorcycle division), I'm thinking "Ok, this is perfect, we don't have Reed or Carmichael anymore, just a solid top 5 rider." I am willing to bet that they're mindset with Dungey was that since he is a rookie, finishing consistently in the top 5 would gain just as much attention as a veteran consistently on the podium. Seriously, think about it. If Dungey was a steady factor in 3rd, 4th, or 5th, he and Suzuki would still get a lot of attention. I'll bet they negotiated his contract to have a top 3 bonus package, or even just a lucrative win bonus, and they thought they had pulled a fast one on Dungey, keeping him happy and their wallets fat at the same time. But OH SHIT, Dungey won practically every race this season along with both championships. Now Suzuki is selling off assets left and right to afford to pay a kid that probably has a lot more wins in him. Like, is it even financially advantageous to have a guy that wins that much? I honestly don't think it is. All you really need is a couple of wins spread throughout the season, and maybe the championship. When you've got a guy winning every race with a $100,000 bonus for each win, plus a million dollar championship bonus, that adds up to quite a few extra bikes that you should not have had to sell to break even. We've all heard rumors that Dungey is jumping ship to follow Roger over to KTM, which thus far seem to not be true, but if this stuff is true I would not be surprised. Of course, Dungey owes a shit ton to Suzuki for giving him the chance they did, so he should probably thank them for not making him scrub the floors of the semi when he was younger, because there are quite a few fast kids out there that would have done that for such a chance.

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  1. I'de like to see it, just to see if KTMs really are bad or if it's just that Alessi sucks.