Monday, October 25, 2010

Response: Motocross Action tests the 2011 KX250F

This is only my response to the test. For the actual review, click this link: 2011 KX250F Test

So BROtocross has been pretty dead lately, I know. Truth is that I have been stressed out over more pressing matters and have not felt too motivated to write anything making fun of motocross. That said, I read most of this and had to respond. I have never been a fan of the writing over at Motocross Action. They are incredibly cynical (the nerve, right?) and I have heard from more than one source that most of the guys running the show over there can't ride for shit. Throw in the goofy looking helmets and you have a mix for that sweet pastry called Annoying. Anyhoo, this test on the KX250F was just what I would expect from these joes. If you actually read it, notice the negative tone they take immediately regarding the bike: "The unvarnished truth is that the 2011 lacks some of the raw feel that made the 2011 such a great motocross machine" (Clearly, that second "2011" is meant to be a "2010". You would think that professional journalists would have the sense to edit their work). Alright, MXA, you didn't really like the bike. Perfectly fine, it is no one's call but your own on that matter. I went on to read, however, and noticed several holes in their argument. The review goes on to say that the 2011 is the best handling KX250F they have ever ridden, and that they love the new suspension. The new engine also puts out more ponies than the previous year's, which they also go on to mention that they liked. OK, so you liked the engine, suspension, and handling on this bike, but somehow it lacks what you call the "raw feel" to qualify it as a good bike. Let's see what they didn't like about it, because based on their opening statement, basic logic would support that there would have to be much more significant aspects of the bike that they hated. Here are some bullet points from the hate list (though not all of it, just the ones that pissed me off the most): The rear cotter pin, the graphics, and the throttle grip. Are you fucking kidding me? You loved the engine, handling, and suspension, but the fact that you don't like the graphics and the throttle side grip is enough to keep this bike from the "great bike" category? Some one give these assholes $50 so they can get a new grip and graphics because that is absolutely ridiculous. The last sentence of the review was the tipping point for me: "Overall, the 2011 KX250F is better in some areas and worse in others—it's a balanced trade-off." Yeah, sounds like a balanced trade off for someone who works on the bike more than he rides it. I have no vested interest in Kawasaki, nor do I even ride one. I just could not let this one go, so congrats Kawi dudes, because this actually sounds like a great review for people who intend to actually ride the bike.

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