Wednesday, March 9, 2011

UPDATED: Raise It Up Responds With A 3 Minute Hood Riding Clinic, No Big Deal.

I'm not trying to turn this into a Raise It Up blog or anything, but the LLC just came out with this one, and I couldn't NOT show everyone. This is just the Baltimore boys saying "Shut the fuck up" to the competition. Korupt gives you some 85 shit, and Raise decides that they're going to smash them into pulp at their own game. I said yesterday that 85s were for bitches, but when you can ride about 4 miles pitched up, with a style that says "Oh I'm killing right now, I didn't even notice," then you can pull of an 85. I had to watch this again because about halfway through I thought to myself "Wait, has this all been one continuous shot?" And yes, it had been. It's the best when he's coming to the traffic light and you're thinking "Damn, can't get around that, brother." But nah, just slow it down, take that front end to about 11:45 and cruise on through. Raise It Up is the hottest shit out there, and I will say again that if anyone knows how I can get in touch with these guys, there's a free BROto Tee with your name on it.

Update: Raise It Up also posted this brand new vid today and I didn't want to make another post about it, so I'm going to piggy-back off this one. Gotta give the cred to my man on the Yamaha on this one, definitely the same guy from the other ones doing business. He's so nice with it he makes Mr. Rogers look like a child rapist.


  1. Poor kids who got those bikes stolen from them. Especially number 5.

  2. 'Nuff said...

    Fuck me that is a serious posse in the second vid. wild west eat your heart out.

  3. Man these guys ride down the middle of the street with no helmets on at all. I got to imagine the cops chase them all over the place. I can't even fire up my bike in my neighborhood with out Johnny one time driving by.

  4. Wanna meet them?
    Install lowjack on your bike and leave it unattended at a track in Maryland.

  5. hey thats stereotyping. i bet these guys paid for those bikes with their own hard earned dollar...
    hard earned dollar from selling crack and pimping girls!!!

  6. that has to be some sort of world record for duration of a wheelie.