Friday, November 26, 2010

Let's Talk (a little) About the Mini O's

For some solid Mini O's coverage, check out Vurb Moto.

Yes it is Thanksgiving week and for thousands of people in the motosphere that means heading down to Gatorback for the Mini O's. Now I have never been, so I just have one question: how shitty is the food there on Thanksgiving? I would imagine it is pretty awful. Like, enough to make me say "Screw this" and head home. I am a man of few pleasures, people, and one of them is about 4,000 calories of amazing food on Thanksgiving. Take that from me and you are cruisin' down to bruisin' town. Anyhoo, I have absolutely no evidence to support my theory, it is just pure speculation, so do what you want with that [lack of] information.

The Mini O's attract some of the best Am riders in the country. I haven't been watching the results too closely, just checking out what the Vurb Moto guys are doing. I must say, the amount of classes at the Mini O's is kind of ridiculous. Stock and Mod for EVERYTHING, and then double all of them due to the fact that they give out titles in both motocross and supercross. It's like giving consolation prizes or something. "Oh you didn't win anything overall, but here's a Stock class supercross title". Stupid. It just dilutes the effect that any title will have for a rider's rep, if you ask me. Should just be one overall Olympiad in every class.

Looks like Brad Frace and Justin Bogle are the guys to beat in the A class. Of course there are a lot of guys that are hauling there, but those two names stuck out for me from the coverage I've seen. Bogle is the new recruit for the Geico Honda team. It must be so rad to be a top level A rider now in this era, when pro teams are officially signing riders over a year before their pro debut. Just like getting a job early in your last year of college. Now, it's just time to relax, have fun, work on your keg stands and try to bang more than one girl every weekend while those other assholes are busy studying [riding], because you thought fast and rode fast. Props to those kids.

Before I finish I have to give some cred to the New Englanders Dakota Alix and Jake Pinhancos absolutely murdering it down there in the mini classes. Those kids are hot shit right now on the Am scene, which is good for us here in the Northeast. Later kids, Eazy out.

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