Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry BROto-X-Mas: Kick the Holidays Off With Erin Normoyle and Macy

This one should hold you all over for a while, because I'm taking the next week off. Keeping it real is exhausting. You know, when I started BROto, I had a vision that it would be all about being that guy. The guy that is the realest, who is brutally honest, and who doesn't use cheap tricks to gain a following. Well....Fuck That, here's to the gratuitous semi-nude lady footage! [raising my eggnog in praise] This video is just the tits (using a phrase there, no pun intended). We got Erin Normoyle, a smokeshow in her own right, but then we just get an overload of smoke with this Macy chick. I saw this video many moons ago, and needless to say it was an instant inspiration to me. Just to be a better person, I think, with the hopes that someday, God would send these two my way. I hunted this video down for you, all, so you are welcome, and Happy Hanukkah (no one ever goes with Judaism as the default religion. I'm here to support the Moses crowd, minus the title of this post, of course. Couldn't pass that one up.) And if anyone complains about the quality, I'll make sure to meet up with them in the future. I'll be the guy snapping necks and cashing checks. Anyhoo, it's just so great to have girls like this involved in MX. It just classys up the joint, no? I know Erin follows BROtocross on Twitter (bless her heart), so Erin, if you should come across this, you are a continuing source of inspiration for all of us here at BROtocross (yeah, it's only me). Gracias.

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