Thursday, December 23, 2010

Alpinestars Gear Rebuttal: I'm Dumb.

Wow. That's all I have to say. I have never been schooled so hard by that many people in such a short window of time my life. Messages, comments, e-mails: "They don't sell in the U.S. because A-Stars is distributed by Parts Unlimited". I really thought I was on to something. Maybe it would spark a debate that would resound throughout the industry, maybe start some rallies in D.C. or something. I don't know, call me a dreamer. But no, everyone just shit on my dreams. So much so, that I felt that it was worth talking about, that's how hard the knowledge was dropped on me. In retrospect, I'm glad that I wrote about it. This is a good thing, people. We're a community at BROtocross, you and me, we're all equal partners in this fantastical adventure. Well maybe not equal, I need to retain some authority, you know, just in case someone starts to get out of line. Can't have that now. Kind of a mob mentality, I suppose. But I digress.

But I still have more questions. Does Parts Unlimited fully own Thor? If so, they would certainly encourage sales of the Thor brand for dealers over other brands, so it would totally suck to be another apparel brand carried under the Parts Unlimited banner. Unless Parts Unlimited actually owns every apparel brand that they carry. I know that Tucker Rocky controls multiple gear brands (Answer, MSR). This business is being controlled by a communist regime. I am here to start the revolution. Vive la BROto.

But seriously, that is kind of a bummer if the whole industry is controlled by the majors. We need some new flavor in this biz, as you all know. Break free, Alpinestars, and spread your wings, and gear. Money isn't everything, right? Oh, ok, sorry.


  1. yes bro, PU fully own Thor MX and Moose (and Icon in the street biz). same as TR owns MSR and Answer, Western Powersports owns Fly Racing, Fox and Shift are 1. etc, etc.

  2. It's just not worth it for Alpinestars either. Trying to enter the gear biz is foolish, Thor and Fox have about an 80% market share and the rest is split amongst everyone else.

    If A-stars nixed their Parts Unlimited deal it effectively destroys their distribution of boots - their golden goose and core business.

    It would be like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    Oh, and it's spelled "rebuttal".

  3. Dude, enough, you're bumming everybody out.