Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cole Seely wins. Wait, who?

So the trend continues. I call the shots in the motocross community. I told you all last week that Seely is tearing up the course this year, and now he goes and wins. Out of nowhere. I'm willing to bet that even he thought there was no shot of something like that happening before the season started. Now the kid is living large, models and bottles style. It's crazy to see kids start winning who weren't especially successful as am riders. Just an observation.

How pissed do guys like Morais or Metcalfe get when something like this happens? Like, not actually upset and throwing stuff, but when something like this happens, you have to start asking questions. The guys probably get all existential and start looking up at the sky asking "Why do you hate me?" Sure, Seely is a good rider, but I don't think he's distinctly better than a guy like Morais, who must have so many second and third place trophies that he stands to earn a healthy living after MX hocking those mofos on eBay. It's when you start asking "Why not me?" over and over and over. Don't feel bad, BRO, someone needs to crack a half-assed smirk for the photos on the small steps while the winner is all smiles for miles at the top.

A fashion note: Those flags that the TLD guys were wearing looked pretty damn stupid. I read a few things around the motonet from people saying that it was cool, but it wasn't. And the bright yellow gloves that Seely was wearing reminded me WAY too much of the gardening gloves worn by everyone's least favorite double-backflipping SICK AIR FMX team rider. Ugh, gross.

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