Thursday, February 24, 2011

Get A Man's Swingarm, BRO

You know what? This had the makings of being a great fucking run. The timing on the start was impeccable. The problem is that he tries to push the bike forward or something to get an extra boost like he's on a goddamn bobsled, but in doing so he rocks his body back first. Big no-no, especially when you don't time it properly with the clutch release, which was far from impeccable. You're supposed to be pushing forward when you let out the clutch, BRO. Instead, he pops that bitch while he's on the pull-back, and you know the rest. Oh yeah, and don't bring an RM80 chassis that's as old as I am to a fucking hillclimb. What are you thinking, pal? That swingarm looks like something off one of those diecast toys. Is this a pitbike hillclimb or something? Get a bigger bike and about three more feet on that swingarm and we'll talk. I'll be busy getting holeshots for days.

And how about the announcer after the dude eats shit? "Well that was some major traction." Yeah, BRO, why don't you suck my major traction? Fucking jerk, he thinks it's all just a big joke.

Big ups to Tim for the video find.



  1. Boom.

    And you have no idea how many people have called me Timmay thanks to South Park.

  2. its really sad that the general public compared MX to shit like this:

  3. where are the guys with the hooks to grab his bike? To pull him up the hill. LMAO