Wednesday, February 23, 2011

YouTube Quad Hero Of The Day

Great video. The A shit. I laughed, I cried (mostly from laughing too hard), and I was enamored by the storyline. It could not have happened in a more perfect way, each player playing his part to the letter. The quad, the rope, the curb, and the wall each working in perfect harmony to construct a piece of cinematic ecstasy. It's great, because when I was watching, I was just expecting a little get-off on the street, maybe some scraping but nothing spectacular. Then, BOOM, the curb makes its grand entrance and the video is golden. The best part is right when the kid hits the wall; the silence is overwhelming as we watch him lie there in a fetal rag doll pose like Woody from Toy Story. Then the cliffhanger ending leaves me wanting more, my mind swarming with unanswered questions. Does the kid move? Did he die? What the fuck is power wheeling?

Update: I just went to the kid's YouTube page, and power wheeling is apparently doing stupid shit on those little Power Wheels toys for kids. I was hoping that would be the new name for quads. I'm still going to try to start that. Riding quads in any scenario will henceforth be known as power wheeling. Eazy has spoken.

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