Friday, March 4, 2011

Eazy's Darkhorse Pick: Daytona

Well as you can probably tell, I got sick of doing the fantasy picks each week. More or less, my team was getting shittier every week and the feedback I was getting on the write-ups was less than fabulous, so I shelved that feature. But I still feel that it is necessary to give credit where it's due, so I'm giving you the Darkhorse Pick of the Week. Essentially, it's just a guy that I saw at the previous race that was getting shit done out there. I'm not even sure this will be a regular thing, I just know that this rider had something last week that I figured was worth mentioning. So the Darkhorse Pick for Daytona is Malcolm Stewart.

He's been getting a lot of positive press lately, but there was one area in particular at ATL where he was a definite standout. The kid was hitting the whoops harder and faster than the rest of central Florida was hitting the crack pipe. Clearly a little bit of James rubbed off on Malcolm. Of course, most people say that Malcolm is more naturally gifted than James, so perhaps it's the other way around. I've been a fan of the younger BRO show since Loretta's in '09 when he rode for Xtreme. He was hitting those massive rollers after the Ten Commandments like a fucking straight away. So the kid can obviously ride whoops. Then of course there's this video right here:

We've all seen it, but it would be disgustingly gross negligence to leave it out. When you are literally scrubbing people into the stratosphere, you are a certified bad ass motherfucker. Get the hell out of my way, BRO, I'm doing fucking business here. James has nothing on this piece of shear motorcycle mastery.

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