Friday, March 4, 2011

The Latest From Skullcandy: Track Finder App

SKULLCANDY just launched v2 of our beloved and action packed APP for your iPhone, iPad, iPod and now Droid as well. The new version features the first ever mobile MOTO TRACK FINDER, powered by DIRTLINK. It features all the track info, contact, weather forecast and conditions and anything else you need to know before you go.

It's no secret that I'm into the flavor that Skullcandy brings to the table. In fact, I think most of the brands that are healthy for MX are not those that are originally core to the sport. The old reich of motocross seems to have the same broken record mindset and isn't looking to change that up. Change is scary, right? It means being different, and the sheep in the herd are definitely not looking to standout, because then the big bad wolf will get them. Each year, it's as if they get more and more into their comfort zone and less and less willing to accept the inevitably evolving trends of action sports. And like it or not, MX is an action sport. Much more so than a motorsport, I'd say, at least from a branding perspective. What I'm saying is that we are experiencing a changing of the guard in MX. It's becoming explosively popular and the true entrepreneurs of action sports are seeing the opportunities that are rapidly developing into ripe, juicy squeezes for the right approach. The benefit of having these companies in the game is that they are the ones that are driving the MX bandwagon, trying to bring it to new places. This new Skullcandy app reflects that. It's time to mogul-up. Bringing MX mobile, bitch. I like it. It is a bold move, but those who refuse to take risks are essentially just trying to make it safely to death. A good track finder app would be killer. I know Fox tried it back in the day with their website, but that proved to be about as beneficial as the Hindenberg was for the zeppelin market. The key to this app being successful is credibility. If I check it out and it says that MX207 is groomed and sunny, I don't need to be showing up to a bony track in a hurricane. That happens once and I'm done with the app; like, forever. But I like the initiative, and hopefully I actually get an iPhone someday so I can actually use it, because right now I'm kind of just sitting here with my dick in my hand like an asshole.


  1. Hey..I read your goods. Could you please hit enter a couple times when writing? These giant paragraphs are killin me.

  2. I want to know who actually says, "You wanna go moto?" He forgot the bro there, that only works with, "You wanna go moto, BRO?" Fuck it, just go all out and ask if he wants to go broto. And if the app finds me music like played in the video I may shoot myself before buckling my boots.

  3. I wonder how they can tell you the conditions. I wonder if there is any way track owners have input on whats put out. If a track is rough on day but they groom it for the next, how does this app know that.
    I feel like this app is golden for people who go on road trips. Heading from New England down to Florida to hit up a few tracks, it would be nice to have an app telling you whats around and where to go and stuff

  4. The app is linked in with DIRTLINK.NET and is a feed from that site.

  5. here's another one that lets you add tracks and find riders - it's also free