Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Guy Converts R1 Into A Dirtbike. Rednecks Rejoice!

Ok, we have a great opportunity here. I want everyone who thinks this is cool to stand over there, and those who don't, come stand over here. Now, everyone who is standing over there: Get the fuck out. Thanks for playing, but your services are no longer needed.

This says the dude made it for Erzberg, but what the fuck? That race might actually be harder than riding a motorcycle up Mt. Everest. I know to qualify, riders compete it a time trial, but that's the only part that I see this being of any use to the guy. And that is said totally overlooking the fact that bringing a 400 pound bike about 100 mph into a turn that is bordered by a drop into Dante's Inferno might not be the best for business. You might as well strap a rocket onto a Z50. Actually, I think I'd prefer that, because the odds are you'd just end up flying. Nothing wrong with here, just casually flying my 50 to the top of the mountain, thank you very much.


  1. Perfect for putting yourself in that "win or die" situation. Die being the odds on favorite. And shit, it only took him a quarter mile to set up for each turn he made so I don't see what can go wrong.

  2. Natural selection at work. You can't deny evolution...