Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Raise It Up Challenegers: Korupt Ryderz NY

The revolution is growing. Raise It Up, LLC has inspired hood-ass wheelie groups to pop up in major cities throughout the U.S. (probably). Here is what seems to be the next largest group of minority motorcycle artists, Korupt Ryderz from New York. I'd say if this was the MXdN, Raise It Up would be Team USA and Korupt would probably be Team Finland or some other obscure motocross country. They're trying, they've got some style, but they can't play with the big boyz just yet. Kind of typical New York. They think they're the hottest shit but they have a long way to go. Steal some big bikes, BROs. Fairly average 85 wheelies don't hold a candle to what Raise It Up is putting out there. And the quad, forget about it. What's the cool factor in doing a wheelie on a quad? There are still two wheels on the ground. That's what we do every time we ride. Go home, quad guy. I will give Korupt points for riding through the Bronx and also on the highway. Not-giving-a-fuck points. I wonder if it's harder to stand it up when you've got a nine in your pants. And double NGAF points to that motherfucker who still has all the graphics and numbers on his bike. He's saying "That's my bike now, punk."

By the way, if there is a Boston group of rippers like this I need to know how to get in with them ASAP. Like, I needed to know yesterday. If Raise It Up will please come to Boston, it would just make my day.


  1. lame as. these cats don't have shit on LLC. i was waiting for that clown in the purple jumpsuit to pull the one handed manual to drive-by. didn't happen. using real bikes might help and not gay as f**k 85's and a quad?? come on man a quad??? are you for real??? my grandma could wheelie one of those timmy chairs to moscow and back.

  2. what's the deal at 7.01? they have troopers posted all around that garage. is something going down? did they pay for that gas or just rob the place. that shit is real hood.

  3. All I can think of when I see this shit is how much fun it would be to drive down the street in a jacked up red-neck-mobile and take them bitches out.