Tuesday, March 8, 2011

YouTube Video: How To Win A Pro Race

Not really sure what to think about this. Is it real or fake? That's the question to ask. And when I say that, I mean are these guys buddies or did he really just turn off his competitors' bike? You might be saying that since the KTM guy didn't just jump off his bike and flip his shit, it has to be all in good fun. But you never know with these local expert races. Sometimes it's a guaranteed purse, so when two guys show up, you have the mind on the money and the money on the mind. Could be, I'm not sure. I do know that if this is fake, I think it's dumb and I regret posting it. If it's real, I would love to see the footage of the brawl that inevitably occurred after the race. If it's real, then that, ladies and gentlemen, is BROtocross to a T.

And the KTM guy, how pissed is he that the 250 doesn't have electric start? The other guy's face if it had would have been priceless. Just shuts off the other bike like an asshole, then the dude doesn't even have to put his feet down before he's going again.

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