Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Is This The Hardest Fail Of An Instructional Video Ever?

Were they paying by the second on the camera for this vid? Like, you can't just do a couple of takes, BRO? It all has to be one shot? If there's one thing you want to accomplish with a video targeting C riders, it's to exude confidence and instill good, calm vibes in your nervous novice audience. This Joe sounds like he's on the brink of passing out with absolutely every word that escapes his panicked mouth. Sure, the camera can be nerve wracking. They say that more people fear public speaking than fear death. But you want to know what's beautiful about film? It can be edited. But no, there was no real need to go over this vid. One and done, let's move on. I hope everyone else was waiting for a "Boom goes the dynamite" once he hit the jump as much as I was.

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