Monday, May 2, 2011

Let's Not Look Like Novice Champs Here, America

I know the video is dead. I killed it. Like a boss.

Ok, one more thing about BROsama, then we'll get back to moto. I definitely hate getting political and wouldn't even consider myself to be a practical figure for political crritique, but I'm coming across all these videos online of people thinking this is the end-all-be-all of good news and celebrating like they just had sex all over the place. Do I need to remind you people who we are? We are America. It's cool to be psyched about it, but the celebrations are way over the top. Think about winning a race. What do the total Joes do after they win a race? They fucking celebrate like they just had sex. Sure, celebrating after the championship is expected, because it's over, you won. Celebrating like that before all is said and done is for bitches and hoes. What is the most bad-ass thing you can do after winning? You cross the finish line, sit down, don't take your goggles off until you stop the bike, like that was all part of the plan. Now the competition is saying "Oh balls, he knew he was going to win that race." Now you're in their head, and they're fucked. Don't make us look like a bunch of bitches and hoes, society. Here's how you celebrate this: You look over at the first person you see who isn't an America, and crack a Bobby DeNiro shit-eating-grin, and if the circumstances warrants it, say "We got this". Done deal, walk away.

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  1. So Eazy is really Steve McQueen reincarnated.
    When are we gonna see you doin' some whips with a Triumph!

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