Monday, May 9, 2011

Presenting The Pro Joe Of The Season....

Here he comes, Mr. Pro Joe of the year....

No fucking brainer. You know him, you love to not love him. How you going to crash out of the lead at five races and not be the Pro Joe of the year? Handing out this award will be Kevin Windham, Chad Reed, Jason Thomas, and all the hopes and dreams of Fuel TV's marketing team, with a special guest appearance from Larry Brooks as soon as he recovers from his laugh-induced coma. Now the dude gets a whole season to rest on his shit laurels and contemplate why the fuck he does that shit. BRO, crashing is not faster. I've said it twice and I'll say it again: James is completely off the reservation. Stage 5 the dirt. Hucking ridiculous quads, then he realizes that Windham is also hucking said ridiculous quad, and he starts hearing the voices in his head again; "You're gonna choke, BRO. You're done-gy. Dungey is less done-gy than you. No more TV, no more limelight." And before they can even finish their conversation, Mack Attack is on the ground, Windham is using his bike as a whoop, and VilloBROto is deciding what says "Champion" more, Bentley or Rolls-Royce. Windham's "Are you serious, BRO?" echoed throughout the stadium on that one. So no choice at all but to name Bubbsy the Pro Joe of the Year during the Greatest Season Ever Of Monster Energy Rock Hard, Ride Hard Not-Motocross ©®™. On some real shit though, James, do the nationals or go to the psych ward. I hear they have a pretty good gym.

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  1. perfectly put by anthony b "K-dub was deff impressive. I was hoping he was gonna pull it off, but James "Bobble" Stewart strikes again!!!"