Monday, May 9, 2011

When Did We Start Taking Pitbikes Seriously?

You know, there was a time when I thought the MiniMoto SX was the shit. What an idea, a race where a regular BRO can go and compete with some legit pro riders. I was so down you could have called me the economy. But it seems like every year you hear about fights breaking out after the races, and every year the bikes get more and more like big bikes. Did I miss something here? Everyone remembers that this is a pitbike race, right? I tweeted the day after the race about it, but I've decided that it's worth bringing up for the backwoods podunkers that don't utilize the convenience of modern day social media. Getting in a fight at a pitbike race automatically makes you a pussy. Isn't that something? You are the pussy for being the tough guy. It might seem like contradictory logic, but let's look at the facts: It's a pitbike race. Pitbiking is purely amusement. Being the tough guy at such a race means you are not amused. Therefore, you view this as more than pitbiking, which means that a race on roided-out 110s is something that you see as real motocross, which makes you a pussy. Boom. Lawyered. Don't be one of those guys who only pitbikes and takes it way too seriously. A 110 is a toy, no matter how much money you put into it. Even if I throw the dirtiest block pass to ever be executed, we're still riding around on bikes intended for 7 year olds. And yes, I absolutely run the show on 110s so I am in a position to make that call....


  1. That better be you in the picture, Eazy.

  2. Gotta look at it this way, there is $18K worth of prize money on the line for pros showing up at MiniMoto that don't have much of a chance of doing anything at Sam Boyd the next night to rake in that kind of coin. Can't really blame them for getting heated, but it is lame.