Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is This Video Going To Save 2-Stroke Motocross?

It's over, good game everyone, but we have a winner. 2-strokes are officially back and this guy is driving the bandwagon. What Pulp Fiction did for John Travolta, this video is doing for 2-stroke MX. The title alone sends this video to the top of the list. But then you have the editing, the music, and the riding. Oh, the riding. One footed stalls on giant logs, one footers over the money booter, and absolutely no visor to speak of because it could block your line of sight should you decide that you are enough of a rugged maniac to do a backflip. Suffice it to say, my foundation is shook. I mean, I know goon riding and I know serious riding, and there is nothing goon about this. Dominant male #winning.


  1. Hey Thanks guys Im glad you dig my two stroke action!

  2. Heres the a version with just great two stroke sound and no music