Monday, October 18, 2010

Let's talk about the Transworld SLAM

Check out Transworld for the Video Recap

Well since there aren't too many races happening right now and not a whole lot of news to talk about, I figured I would talk about this annual race by the guys at Transworld. They do a great job on the magazine (I would say it is tied with Racer X for my favorite publication), so it would fit that they would put on a good event, as well, right? I believe this is the second year for this event, and I will tell you that something that I like about the format is that it gives guys a chance who may have great speed but lack the skill/stamina to go thirty plus two at an outdoor national. On paper it seems like a great idea - two lap motos, two guys per moto. Then every moto will have battles more epic than the last scene in, well, every movie that features a battle of some kind, no? But my reaction from the video (and yes, I watched all twenty minutes of that Bad Larry) was that it seemed to drag on a little bit. If I were in charge over there (Hey, if more people read this garbage that just might happen!) I would have just up to and including the quarter finals with that head-to-head mess, then do a four man final for four laps or something. Maybe do all the motos with four guys. It's called the SLAM, I think there would be more slam action with a few more heads in the ring.

Wil Hahn won the event, which is really no surprise considering he was the token factory rider (Kyle Cunningham was there, too, but he whiffed it in a rut and let some dude with a butler's name beat him). Hahn is a good guy and a good rep for the sport, so we here say "Congrats, bro". And then we perform a mutual head butt for calling a fast rider "bro". Uh huh. But I digress. I believe I remember seeing more big names at this event last year, although even then it was won by a kid who was still an AM rider at the time, some Scotch-Canadian (that's probably a drink somewhere).

In watching the video, I noticed something that I have noticed before many moons ago: Christian Craig has good style. Like, one of the best I've seen. The kid is like one of those Irish river dancers when he scrubs, his upper body barely moves. That may sound totally retarded but trust me, it looks good.

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