Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How about this Dew Tour Best Whip winner?

OK, so they did Best Whip this past weekend at the Dew Tour and this McNeil kid won it. Upon further research, I stumbled upon this video of the dude. After watching this, I just cannot help but wonder why freestyle even exists without mandatory whips like this. Seriously, I could watch 10 guys do huge whips all day over dudes flipping and other shit like that. It should literally be a requirement that you need an amazing whip in every freestyle event or you're fuckin' out, Kenny Powers style.

Think about it, that would weed out the total joes real quick. It actually requires skill to whip the damn motorcycle. I seriously feel like any idiot with half a brain (or less) can do a backflip. Just take a swig of Jack, drop that puppy into first and you will be on your way to a freestyle career complete with energy drink sponsor and some dumb bitch for the camera to look at really quickly before you go out for your run, Super Star.

Back to the matter at hand - whips are sick and really the only trick that I completely respect. I know people are thinking that shit like the double backflip is wicked gnarly, which it is, but anything that can be done by a redneck wearing gardening gloves and a "Sick Air" FMX hockey jersey immediately drops its respect stock by a solid 30-40%, that's just a fact. So let's see more amazing whips like this kid McNeil is rockin'.

Side note - I hope when he was doing that crazy shit into the foam pit that he was actually trying to bring it back like a whip, not all the way around like a 360. THAT would be the best trick of all time, boys and girls (who am I kidding, just boys)

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