Saturday, November 13, 2010

BROtocross is officially on Twitter! Fuck Yeah!

I actually totally hated Twitter when it first came upon the scene, like a lot of other people. I think I actually said that it wouldn't be around after a few months or so, because people had to get sick of it, right? It was just some ridiculous trend that famous people were into, not unlike Scientology. Of course, that was complEtely wrong, and now Twitter is so useful that companies are hiring people to run their Twitter accounts to properly market to people. Wow, Twitter, kind of went the other direction with that one, huh?

Well, BROtocross is finally up to phase two of my diabolical plan to take over the world. Now it's time to start tweeting the shit out of everybody in the motocross world. Seriously, I plan on making Chad Reed look like he doesn't even know how to use a keyboard, with all the tweets that I'll be throwing. So get on the BROtocross twitter and get all the BROto you can handle right away!!

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