Monday, November 22, 2010

J-Law is racing the Mini-Os?

The Am moto world is all abuzz with the rumors that Jason Lawrence is racing the Mini-Os this week. If this happens it will literally reflect the biggest drop in Lawrence's career, the drop back down to the minor leagues. I must say that I don't really get the logic here. Seriously, think about what happens if he loses. People will write him off like GM with a bailout. It has already been happening this whole year. I don't know what happened in the joint, but when Lawrence came out, he was not the same rider. Kid used to just sweat straight natural ability. I think it was Ryno that said on a regular day at the practice track, there was no one on the planet that was faster than J-Law. But this past year has been pretty much one embarrassing ride after another. Maybe he's just done, gonna follow the amateur nationals for shits and gigs. His team is history, right? Of course, in the past I have said that J-Law was done more than once only to see him come back and capture all of our hearts with one amazing ride. It's pretty funny how hard his fan base fluctuates. Like, he can go from hated more than Carmichael when he took out Pastrana to loved more than Carmichael when he retired in a matter of one race. People hop on and off that fucking bandwagon so much that J-Law should have his own busing company. Personally I love it when J-Law wins, it lets us know that you don't have to be some goddamn robot to make it as a pro rider. But with this race, even a win won't be saying much. I know that the A classes are always stacked as shit, but J-Law needs to win this race just to have everyone back to a normal opinion of him. That's a lot of pressure for a pretty minimal reward.

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