Monday, November 15, 2010

Jimmy D has fun. Weird, right?

How does this kid not have a full ride this year? And if people are thinking "Well, a lot of pros could be or sound that fast on a 125", get your head out of your ass, because that is completely beside the point. The fact of the matter is that even though there is nothing fun about motocross, Jim D goes out and enjoys riding his motorcycle. OK cool, he had a few bad finishes in the nationals. Whatever, man. Here's a business course for you: The whole point of sponsoring a rider is to sell product, and it all comes down to PR. Get a rider who represents the brand well, not one who wins a race, then goes and crawls up in his motorhome so he doesn't have to be in contact with other people - germs and HIV and such. Yeah, whatever Howard Hughes, but I'll take Jimmy D, thanks. He is personable and good with the fans, which seems to be unusual for young riders these days (see the post under this). Oh yeah, and he is faster than the moto hoes that are craving his shit after seeing this video. Wake up, Mitch!

Much love to Danny Stuart for the video. Every film that kid touches turns to the hottest shit on the motonet since that pseudo-lesbo video of Erin Normoyle and that other chick. Wow, where did that video go?

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