Monday, November 15, 2010

Windham smoked Cairoli, can we end this?

Do people still really think that Cairoli is the fastest rider on the planet? Listen, he got murdered by Carmichael and Villopoto in '07, annihilated by Dungey this year at MXoN, and now he gets smoked by Windham at Genoa. Don't give me any of the "He doesn't ride supercross" bullshit. Being the fastest rider on the planet means being the best at everything, right? Or at least being the best on the majority of tracks. Cairoli has consistently had his ass handed to him by American riders. Hell, Albertson almost beat him at that weird one-on-one race early this year. And that "350"? All I know is that Cairoli's pulls for days over Alessi's, and if I am bringing Alessi into this argument on a defensive note, you know it's the real deal. Come on, that mofo was doing the quad at Thunder Valley from the inside. 350, puh-leaze.

To move off topic (unusual, right?), gotta give props to Windham on this one. That guy is unstoppable. He is also a total class-act. It's weird, he actually seems to know what his job is, and how to do it. Considering the money that these guys make, you'd think that someone would teach them to deal with the public. I would kiss everyone's ass in the joint - dudes, chicks, everyone - to make six figures for riding a motorcycle.

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  1. racerx is big. from now your're read in eastern europe. nice, huh? and yes, my favorite cairolis' ass have been kicked. in my opinion: he just want it to much. but! even though i need to say that american pro riders are fast as hell, you'll see some action goin' on soon with masquin and roczen. all. czesc!