Tuesday, November 30, 2010

KTM 350 vs. 250 Two Stroke? No Contest.

People have been asking me or annoying me about this KTM 350 for a while now. It's been hyped as the bike that will save motocross by the pussies who think that 450s are going to be the demise of the sport. There has even been speculation that other manufacturers are going to be following in KTM's footsteps. I haven't ridden one, but everyone who I've talked to or heard from has said the same thing: not as much as a 450, but a little more than a 250f. Hmm, that sounds like a 250 two stroke. It must weigh way less though, right? Nope. The 350 weighs just as much as the 450, tards. I have no idea who in their right mind would actually buy this 350, other than all those people in the KTM cult that wear their KTM pit shirts everyday, no matter what. Like, given what we know and having the choice between a 350 and a 250 two stroke, why would you not just buy the 250? Save yourself THOUSANDS of dollars and don't go into debt on a motorcycle that you are never going to have the right tools for (those Austrian bastards use some wacky wrench sizes). Not to mention that most organizations will allow you to ride a 250 against a 250f, while this 350 is relegated to the 450 class. How shitty is that? Oh, and don't make me out to be one of those dumbass two stroke evangelist types. Seriously, I prefer a four stroke. But when you are telling me that I can race a 42HP 250 against a 35HP 250f, just sign me up and toss me some pre-mix. But no, all the KTM groupies will be lining up in the 450 class on their cute little 350s, getting worked on every holeshot. "But the bike has advantages at other parts of the track, DUDE." Yeah, so did 250 two strokes. Want to know where it basically has no advantage? The start. 90% of the race for you local weekend warriors that get to do 10 minute motos. So enjoy your 350, cuntmuscles, maybe you'll get your own class when Alessi starts winning and they get popular. Oh wait, sorry.


  1. I think the sport is having problems. the bikes are getting so fast. As of right now, if every brand went to 350's, that would be great. Although I'll agree, right now, it seems crazy to put your self at a disadvantage. Might as well rip the 125 in the x "125" class. And now we have the new KTM 150s... not allowed to race nationals in the lites? Good. In a way, I wish they could, but, might as well completely do away with 125s. I don't mean to sounds like a preacher of the past, begging for things to be the way they used to, but for the safety of riders and designing tracks, it's rough seeing the production of bikes and the class adjustments going the way they've been going.

  2. "I haven't ridden one"...clearly.