Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm Sorry, I Just Don't Get It

Just got a look at this gem, thanks to Racer X. Maddo again doing a bomb drop off of a platform for fans to scream and cheer for. I would say only in America, but this one is in Australia, so this sentence has just gone to hell in a hand basket. Moving on, stunts like this just seem to be a lot of risk for not much reward. Actually, scratch that. Because Maddo makes a lot of loot for doing stuff like this. I guess it seems like a lot of hype for kind of a dumb stunt. Then throw in the fact that he has now almost eaten shit multiple times trying to do this. Like, at least with freestyle, there is more of a visually appealing aspect. And the time he did this in Vegas on New Year's, if you ask me half the fun was watching him jump up it. I guess people may like it just to see him fall. Kind of the NASCAR effect, you know? Whatever the case, it reminds me of that gay rollerblader who jumped off the Eiffel Tower and fell down like a bitch, and anything that reminds me of rollerblading pisses me off. And hey, that guy was sponsored by Red Bull, too. I'm seeing a pattern here, I just know it. So anyways, thanks Maddo and all you Crusty Demons, now I am thoroughly pissed. Here's that video so all of you can join me in my state of piss-offedness, or something like that.


  1. this might be the gayest thing i've ever seen....i'm getting dizzy from all the gayness...

  2. No kidding. They just drop off and that's it. I agree with Eazy, Robbie's New Year trick was cooler jumping up than off. So much hype and so much risk for something that seems like any one can do, just takes guts. Yeah, having the nuts to do it is respectable, but, really nothing great to watch.