Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let's Talk About the JT Racing Comeback

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One of the hottest topics on the motonet this past week has been JT Racing jumping back on the scene. I heard about this a LONG time ago, and to be honest have been kind of jonesing to see what they would come up with. It's not really a secret that contemporary gear companies just aren't doing it for me. This comeback from JT presented a glimmer of hope for the shit stain that so many apparel companies have become. The guys over at JT clearly are clearly counting on the cyclical trend of fashion with this gear, as they have gone with the hella '70s retro look. Listen, I like the throwback style as much as the next guy, but if you ask me, JT overshot it a little bit with this stuff. It looks exactly like the gear that my dad used to make fun of because his grandfather's father wore it. The whole point of reviving old school looks is to throw in a little modern day flair. I am just not seeing that with this stuff. Nice try, JT, you JUST missed it. Of course, all the old guys out there are gonna buy this shit by the wheelchair-load, so you definitely have a market in the 50+ class. But, those guys are only going to be riding vintage races for so long, so the days are numbered for that demand.

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