Monday, November 22, 2010

Hansen is looking at a title. Wait, what?

OPEN top ten results – Top 10 championship standings               
1.      Josh HANSEN - Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki: 275
2.      Jay MARMONT - CDR Rockstar Yamaha: 229
3.      Jake MOSS - Team Rockstar Motul Suzuki: 194
4.      Tye SIMMONDS - JDR Motorex KTM: 191
5.      Daniel REARDON - Cougar Bourbon Honda Thor Racing: 162

Yes, JOSH Hansen is on the verge of winning a title. I know it's an Australian Supercross title, but still, something has to be said. Two years ago the guy's career was DEAD, no question about it. Like, deader than J-Law's is now. Hansen is doing it right (for the most part). Getting in with the big time, big money energy drink sponsor early, star-fucking his way through Hollywood, and milking that Monster relationship to get a ride with Mitch. Well done, Hanny, well done. He had everyone outsmarted, he went around the normal route and found a shortcut better than Nico Izzi at Unadilla. Hansen has just continued to silence the haters throughout the past year. Of course, he did have that slip-up in that interview with Racer X a couple of weeks ago. I know it's been said several times already, but that was fucking horrible. It made Jake Weimer's interview that I posted from Transworld look like a debate answer from that guy in Thank You For Smoking. I'm sure he heard this a lot, but Hanny, don't say "shit" or "fuck" in your answers in an interview. It's like calling a cop "dude"; it's just a verbal transaction from which no one involved will benefit. You get paid a lot of money to represent people well. With pretty much every answer of Hansen's that I read, I heard the voice of the principal from Billy Madison throwing in his words of wisdom:

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  1. Goes along with the homeschooling thing. Pull a kid out of school in the 8th grade because "your a better teacher" this is the result. A kid who absolutely rips on a dirtbike with barely half a brain.

    I'm just looking forward to your blog where you tear apart Barcia. Please post that soon Eazy cause I know its coming.