Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Formula for Hilarious: KTM50 + Alcohol + BROhole + Alcohol

Just the best kind of video here. Thank God for video cameras. Think about how many people would go deprived of such hilarious content. It really warms your heart, you know? I feel like we have a social responsibility to bust out the video camera when people start getting drunk. It's always funny. Sure, sometimes are better than others (this one), but for the most part, you know that you should be filming your drunk friends, especially when those friends break out the ramp and the KTM 50. Have you ever tried to ride a KTM 50? Probably the most difficult thing any man could do, intoxicated or not. You could pretty much touch both grips with one hand, thumb to pinky. And make no mistake, travel is not your friend when the suspension is built for a 50 pound kid.

This guy pulls back on this one like he might have been trying the backflip. If that is the case, then we really missed out on a much more epic crash, because if he had held on to get the bike upside down, you and I know that there is no way in hell that he was bringing that thing around. Regardless, still a great digger. And props to this guy for being a real champ and going with the man suit: Shorts, no shirt. Only thing that's missing is a mullet.

And once again, props to my YouTube guy, D-Stu, for this find.


  1. Please remove said props for this guy being a bitch and not walking it off. Hospital?! You sir are not a true BRO.

  2. No kidding.... maybe a pack of ice for a few minutes?? Before giving it a second try?? haha GOOD vid though love the guy who thinks he's the man "III GOTTT THATTT BROOOO"

  3. WHY THE FUCK DID HE GET INTO A CAR? No self respecting bro would take a proud ride to the hospital if it was not in a BroTRUCK. Shit, I wouldn't be suprised if they left the jump, drove that LeBaron or whatever the fuck it was, went to another Bro's house, borrowed his truck, went to another bros house (blasting HED PE on the Kicker system) loaded up his bike, THEN went to the hospital