Friday, December 10, 2010

BROtocross Superlative Poll: Most Likely to Get Second, But Least Likely to Get First

Since I started this poll for the BROto Yearbook a little late to roll out the yearbook by 2011, I'm going to do multiple polls a week. This week's second poll is a fun one. Each of these guys has proven that he is as fast as the winners, but for whatever reason, the universe has decided that winning for them would in some way destroy the fabric of space and time, or something. So they are relegated to mere second places finishes time and time again. Let's take a look at the contestants:

Brett Metcalfe - Metty's first moto at Southwick this year is proof that God is a man, and a man with a dark sense of humor. That moto was won, no question about it, and he runs out of gas. How anyone could keep his composure during that whole charade is beyond me. I would say Metty is by far the best rider to never win that is currently racing. I think he's also the only factory rider without a win. That's kind of counts as a shitty victory, I guess.

Ryan Morais - How do you go multiple years with Mitch's team and finish on the podium practically every race, but not win? I don't know, but Morais sure as shit does (actually, so does Metty). He's on factory equipment again, so maybe he figured out the formula to subtract 1 from his results, but that is a tall order. How bullshit was Morais when kids like Baggett and Tickle won last year? Like, he's as fast as them, and way more consistent. That's when you just start looking up and the sky and asking questions.

Wil Hahn - Wil hasn't been on the scene as long as Metty and Morais, and before last year would not have made it on this list. But last year he killed it, so welcome to the poll, Wilbur. Now he's on pretty-much-factory bikes, so he is definitely expected to win this year, but as the guys above have proven, improving that one position can be harder than licking your elbow while you sneeze with your eyes open.

Michael Byrne - I just ran out of ideas for people to put on this list, so congrats Byrner, you made the cut. Byrner has never won a major AMA race (he may have won a 125 moto at Southwick a while back), and certainly got his fair share of seconds, of course none of those came last year, which is why he probably doesn't stand a chance of a podium in 2011.

Who is most likely to get second, but least likely to get first
Brett Metcalfe
Ryan Morais
Wil Hahn
Michael Byrne

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