Friday, December 10, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Why do people even bother to compete with me? I literally thought for about 2 seconds and knew the answer, no research or anything. And how about that holeshot? I think it was less than thirty seconds from the post of the question to the post of my answer. Now I get to get on this Mad Skills MX game that I've been hearing so much about while the rest of you can just sit and wonder. Don't worry, it's actually kind of stressful being perfect, minions.


  1. hell yeah bro! All that shakeweight training is going to help with podium style champagne shaking

  2. Better question. Where the fuck is Travis Preston?! Eazy, go find him.

  3. Hes in NC working for JGR. AKA selling his body in dtown Charlotte.