Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Coen Brothers Make MX Videos for YouTube?

You guys might be getting sick of this YouTube trend on BROtocross, but when I see one that I think needs to be broken down, I'm going to let you all know it. My YouTube guy (D-Stu) sent this one over. Here I think is another film by a true legend. It has the build up, with the still images, then it just thrusts us straight into the action. No test runs, no video of the run up, just the kid launching that Great Pumpkin into the sky and panic revving until his butthole just couldn't pucker up anymore. At first I was pissed that we couldn't see the crash, just the aftermath. But again, I think this is a technique of the filmmaker. With the way it is, the film leaves it to us to create what actually happened in our minds. Anything you want could have happened, because who the hell knows that it didn't? Personally, I think that this mofo flew completely off the bike, got picked up by a majestic eagle (because he's a little guy) and dropped onto a cement truck. Prove me wrong, assholes, prove me wrong.

Not good publicity for One Industries, by the way. That bitch split like the runner up for homecoming queen at the after party.

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  1. Helmet did its job as intended. Absorbed the impact with little transfer of energy to the skull..Energy has to go somewhere result is split helmet not wig..