Tuesday, December 14, 2010

BROtocross Superlative Poll: Most Likely to Need Therapy if He Doesn't Win A1

Another day, another poll for the BROto Yearbook. Sure there are ways to title this one that don't sound so dark, but such is the nature of BROtocross. Who has the most to prove at Anaheim 1? Who is going to come out of it with the big trophy or a sawed-off shotgun? Each of these names is on the short list of riders who I think have a real shot at tasting victory. Let's take a look at the candidates:

James Stewart - Obviously James has a ton to prove. Last year he had yet another season where he was hyped up and wound up going down. He did win A1 last year, but not without a tremendous effort from Dungey, who at this time last year would absolutely not have been a candidate for this poll. Stewart came back from injury for one race, at Unadilla, where Dungey just absolutely humiliated the guy who had not lost a National in almost two years. But Bubba's World must go on, so if James wants that third season to get the green light, he had better start delivering, because it's getting pretty damn boring to watch him crash and burn as a socialite.

Ryan Dungey - Dungey might actually be the favorite to win this year, which is really saying something considering the company that he's in. Like I said, a year ago, he wasn't even on the radar. Now he's got Suzuki leveraging assets left and right to afford his bonus checks that he racked up last season. He has been sitting on win after win for quite a while now, and no longer has DeCoster to support him. Fact of the matter is that anything but a win for Dungey will raise a lot of eyebrows. He is a victim of his own success.

Ryan Villopoto - Maybe not an obvious choice for this poll, but everyone including yours truly was saying that with Stewart out, Villopoto was the guy. And though he started off slowly last year, towards the middle he started winning so much that when he stepped up in the building everybody's hands went up and they stayed there (DJ Khaled reference. I didn't like it either). He might not be the one with the most pressure on himself, but he knows that he was faster than Dungey most of the time last year, so therefore, if Dungey needs a win, in Villopoto's mind, he needs that win even more.

Chad Reed - Honestly, I don't think Chad will win at A1. He has been caught up in dead center of the shitstorm that has been the off-season of 2010, and came out having to write his own checks rather than receive them. Sure, it grants him a lot of freedom to do his own thing - which can turn into a rousing success, just ask McGrath - but when it comes down to it, he doesn't have the factory stuff that he had the past two years. Chad has had it rough (relatively speaking) for the past few months, so he definitely needs a win to put a smile on that little Australian face. Hell, he'll probably be fine with a podium, but a shitty result and Chad will be sulking around the house, doing the random slow exhales as he leans against the wall and looks out into nowheresville. Was that visual effective? Good.

Who Needs the Win at A1 the Most?
James Stewart
Ryan Dungey
Ryan Villopoto
Chad Reed


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