Monday, December 13, 2010

Flashback FreeKstyle Video: Paris BROsen Eats Shit for the Fans

Remember that FreeKstyle video game? That shit screamed BROtocross. I just saw this video again, and knew it was right to post this. Let's get one thing straight: I understand that this was a bad crash and everything, but I laughed my ass off when this happened. And I laughed when I just watched it again 5 minutes ago. Of course, you had to be brought into context in order to truly appreciate the hilarity. As bronouncer Cam Steele points out, this fucker didn't even hit the jump before this. Bike trouble? Are you serious? This guy has definitely never even touched that bike, and I'm sure that riding a piece of shit never stopped him in the past. What a goddamn retard. Obviously he was going to fall. Sure, it could possibly have gone better, but there was no chance on god's green earth that he was going to ride away. Guy, you had TWO runs, why not take that first one to just feel out the jump? Sure, you wouldn't gain any fans doing that, but look at you, BROsen, you didn't have fans to begin with. Bright green grips and a helmet that looks like a kindergarten student did it during finger painting, or maybe in the bathroom after he ate the finger paint. And of course, you all will recall that the year before this, he ate shit doing the same thing. He didn't joe it out as hard as he did here, but he fell, know that. I would put money down that he lands this trick less than 5% of the time that he tries it.

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