Monday, December 20, 2010

BROtocross Superlative Poll: Most Forgotten Teammate

This poll for the yearbook needs some explaining. At BROtocross, we are here for the forgotten team riders. You might be asking "What is a forgotten team rider?" Well, allow me to elaborate. There are probably three teams with multiple riders, but one who is expected to win. The other just gets to ride his bike, race, maybe finish in the top 5, and then walk around the semi asking if anyone saw that him in that race. He lives the life of the little leaguer who's dad is way too busy with work. He tries until his darling little heart just won't give anymore, then waits at the field after the game for hours, because dad forgot him. These riders probably have to make their own food and wash their own bike. They are basically the Gap models to the Playboy Bunnies that are their teammates. Ok, that analogy got weird for everyone. They are Luigi to the team's Mario. That one works. Of course, the degree of neglect depends on two factors: First, how good is the forgotten rider, and then how good is the other rider on the team. So in your voting, remember, there's more to it than just the name on the poll. Let's get to the three candidates:

Kyle Regal - San Manuel Yamaha: You know, being James Stewart's teammate has got to be pretty tough. Like, there is no doubt that 95% of the energy and attention that the team has to dole out is going to him. Regal just gets to do his thing and hope that dad, I mean Larry, notices his good finishes. Of course, Regal had a lot of surprisingly good rides last year, and he kind of killed it for Puerto Rico at MXoN. So maybe he can rip the shit out of the 450 class and possibly get a solid percentage of team energy.

Jake Weimer - Monster Kawasaki: Ryan Villopoto might not be as big of a name as Stewart, but he is definitely expected to be stacking up some Ws this coming season. He has been a shoe-in for pretty much every title in the past 3 years, especially outdoors. Jake comes in a complete 450 rookie, so while Ryan may not be looking at as much superstar attention as Stewart, Weimer is probably just expected to get an A for effort and not much else.

Brett Metcalfe - Rockstar Makita Suzuki: I had a hard time putting Metcalfe on this list, but I did for two reasons: First, what kind of pussy poll only has two choices? And also, Dungey has become a superstar in the past year. Metcalfe is a great fucking rider, people. Hell, he's probably the one most likely to beat his Playboy Bunny teammate. But he is just a victim of circumstance when it comes to this poll. Dungey has become the whole scene, so the best Brett can do is be behind it.

Who is the most forgotten teammate?
Kyle Regal
Jake Weimer
Brett Metcalfe


  1. I'm not a fan of this poll. How do you know RD5/RV2/JS7 don't ride out their first lap at A1, completely eat shit taking each other all out, breaking a collective 24 bones between the three of them. Then whose the star riders?! This would be a poll better done by the past. Aka Sam Manuel circa 2009 James Stewart/Kyle Chisolm?! Chisolm only got the ride because hes bff's with JS7 and diddles his peter(complete speculation), I'm pretty sure the kid didn't even qualify for some mains. Now THAT is a forgotten teammate.

  2. How do you suggest I do this poll in the past? Can I borrow your Delorean? But then we'd still need the plutonium, you got that shit just lying around? This poll is obviously going by the premise that none of the superstar teammates are hurt. Like I said, it depends on how good the rider is in relation to how good the superstar is. If the superstar is hurt, he's not very good in his current state then, is he?

  3. Maybe I should have re-phrased a bit. When JS7 got hurt in 09 and people saw a San Manuel bike out there still they probably shit their pants they were so surprised. 96.7% of people thought that team didn't even have other riders. What I'm saying is the three riders in this poll have high potential to upstage their superstar(sans Regal unless its nationals, and we know SM don't run outdoors, no $$ in it). You can't say they're a forgotten team mate until the season is underway, like JW19 on PC last nationals, everyone thought he was gonna kill it and he sucked fat dick. Maybe a poll showing the most forgotten team mate in history is in order? Like "Holy shit I didn't know that was RC's team mate that year cause he went undefeated and no one else gave a fuck about anyone else.

  4. What about JG - Canards team mate

    or maybe Blose - Tedescos teammate

    honorable mention to the most forgoten teammate in the history of the sport, Matt Moss last year - dungeys teammate

  5. Seriously man, are fucking high? Villopoto has been a shoe in to win every title the past three years? Are you watching the same races as everyone else? You're saying RV was expected by everyone to win the SX Title in '09 and '10? And then you say Brett Metcalfe is probably more likely than anyone to beat Dungey? That's one of the dumbest fucking things I have ever heard in my life.

  6. once again ^ faggot.