Monday, December 20, 2010

Is Adidas the Next Big Shoe Company Breaking Into MX?

I can't believe it, but from Motocross Action - Adidas and Troy Lee Designs announce a partnership agreement between Adidas Action Sports and the motocross icon.  
This partnership begins with the Troy Lee motocross team wearing Adidas Skateboarding footwear, as well as Adidas branding on team bikes.
Adidas represents a blend of performance enhancing athletic footwear and apparel as well as relevant street style.  Teaming up with Troy Lee Designs, the leader  and supplier of equipment to the world’s fastest motocross racers is a natural fit.  adidas will begin to support the efforts of Troy Lee Designs top racers in achieving their goals from preparation through competition.

I really hesitated on this one because so far the only major new source it's on is Motocross Action, if you even want to consider that a major source. I surely don't trust those guys, but that's the beauty of BROtocross, if it's not true, who the fuck cares? People don't come here for news anyways. Yet. [A note from Eazy: This has since been confirmed on Racer X and Vurb, so fear not, it's legit.]

Honestly, I'm kind of psyched about this. Everyone was probably thinking I'd say something along the lines of "Oh man, they're a mainstream brand. Only conformists living their precious Disney fairytale lives will be into this move." Nope. Doing that would have been conforming to your predisposed opinion of me. But I'm all original, people. Like a wild stallion, you never know exactly what I'm going to do, so don't even bother trying to pen me up. It just can't happen.  But yeah, Adidas through their skate program has had some solid product, and the way they carry the brand is A-O-K with me. They really avoid all that "extreme" type of imagery, it's just about being mellow. Good stuff, Adidas. We don't need anymore extreme energy drink- or MMA-inspired brands. That's totally gay. Yeah, I said it. Gay.

As far as partnering with TLD, sounds like the right idea to me. That team is really on the up-and-up. They already have deals with companies like SkullCandy, another one of the brands that I think will save motocross from the "extreme" label. Troy seems to get it, he always has. Good on ya, Troy. 


  1. they should demo the breakdance team in the pits. fuckin tight! ha

  2. I was going to get some K-swiss because of the Kenny powers endorsement.............but now it looks like that has changed