Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Latest and Greatest from Dirt Shark

I feel like kind of an idiot promoting this guy's videos all the time, but goddamnit I love 'em. Not like it matters, anyways, he's probably like "Who the fuck is this BROtocross asshole?" This vid is just one of those times where you are watching and all along thinking "Why not me?" As if I needed more reasons to want to be a pro rider. Like, we all know that pros clean up, but to actually see the talent stacked up first hand like that? It hurts. How did Dirt Shark even land a gig where he gets to do shit like this? Please tell me, I think I could do it, don't you? And of course I know that all of those girls are Monster girls, and obviously those bedroom scenes were all staged. But you know damn well that once Hanny and Bilko mix enough vodka in that Monster, those hoes were theirs for the taking. Then Hansen even has the audacity to call it a slow night. Dick. Of course, with all of those chicks and the party action and all that good stuff, my favorite part is seeing the DILLIGAF sign above DShark's bed, around the 5:30 mark. No sir, it doesn't look like you give a fuck.

Props to Hanny keeping his composure for this video. I'll bet there's a lot on the cutting room floor that would be very fun to watch, but he's got to keep this good image streak going. He definitely seemed like he was having trouble keeping his eyes open and talking at the same time, but DILLIGAF? No. Don't know what DILLIGAF means? Google it, and then Tommy will come over and hit you in the head with a tack hammer because you are a retard. And once again, got to give it up for Transworld, giving us video content other than lap after lap at the test track. Like I said before, those guys don't try to be anything above what they are, and don't try to talk down to us in the normal world. Just a bunch of cool guys making dirtbike videos and magazines. Good stuff. Eazy out.


  1. Alright. This video is awesome. Not because the girls are extremely hot or nothing, but just the fact that we're seeing him doing what every one tries to hide they do. It's cool too see some one one hiding the fact that they're into having a good time and, i just became a fan of him.

  2. Agree with lyman 1000%. I got $10 says Dungeys life looks nothing like this.