Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Does KTM Look for Good Starters to Make the 350 Look Better?

From Transworld - Andrew Short is looking smooth as silk on his KTM 350SX-F. After winning the Coup de Grace at this year's A Day in the Dirt, Shorty is ready to get on the box in Supercross

This is just one of those times where I am thinking through the keyboard and you guys get to listen. Or read, as it turns out. Anyways, Short has apparently decided on the 350 for Supercross (something tells me there wasn't much of a choice). Does KTM give riders big incentives to ride that thing over the 450? I would put money on it that they do. Moving on, I can't help but wonder if KTM seeks out the guys who get the most holeshots, with the logic that if they are that much better at starts, then maybe they can make that 350 look like it has some testicles, rather than the estrogen-inspired ride that it seems to be. They got Alessi, then Short. Did Cairoli get a lot of holeys in Europe? You know what, it doesn't matter, that works rule means that his bike probably has a nitrous button. True story. Ok, not a story, more of a thought. Of course, even if they do hope that the good starters will be able to squeeze a decent start out of that bitch, history thus far has shown that they cannot, because Alessi went from literally holeshotting around 70-80% of the time to I believe one or two holeshots all season. Yeesh, the KTM guys are slapping some foreheads on that one.

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  1. How many people laughed at Henry when he motoed his YZ400F in 1998. Then they all shut the fuck up when he was holding up the number one plate a round early. Keep prototype bashing Eazy, I'll see you on a 350 by 2015.