Friday, December 3, 2010

Honda of Troy is Done? Again?

Vurb - While we’ve yet to speak with a representative of the Honda of Troy/Kilbarger Racing team yet, we recently learned from one of their team riders that they will not be going racing in 2011. If true this would mark the second time the team has closed its doors in recent years.

Vurb learned of the story after a conversation with team rider Les Smith, where he informed us of his current situation without a ride for next season. If true this will also leave team ridsrs Nico Izzi and Levi Kilbarger left scratching their heads.

We will continue tracking this story as it progresses and attempt to get official word from the Team Manager. Until then, we are relying on the facts we’ve been presented.

So by the looks of it, HOT is not going to be too hot next year, because they won't exist.  Wordplay is fun. I had heard about this happening a couple of months ago, but once Izzi was signed over there, I just figured it was all rumors. But it probably wasn't, since now it looks like this is actually happening. If they actually knew they were in trouble, where the fuck do they get off signing a new, fairly high profile rider? If I was Izzi, I'd be getting the lawyers involved, because there seems to be a lot of shit going on in this shituation. More wordplay. We're really getting wild now. Anyhoo, Izzi probably had other offers out there, maybe not for much money, but I would bet that there was something. Now he is screwed out of any of those offers. That sucks. Like, there has to be something that he can do about this. When a company knows that they are in deep financial trouble, is it legal for them to commit an employee to a contract that they know they have little chance of being able to fulfill on their end? Feedback, people. Durham is probably psyched, he got out of there right before the shit storm hit.

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